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By David Limbaugh

2020 Roland Garros Finals: Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal / Deep Analysis, Prediction, and Preview

Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal Prediction, Betting Tips and Preview of the Match for the Garros Men's Singles ATP French Open Game on Saturday October 10th, 2020 from Paris, France.
Novak Djokovic +140ATP RG20
Rafael Nadal -170


Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal Prediction, Betting Tips and Preview of the Match for the Garros Men's Singles ATP French Open Game on Saturday October 10th, 2020 from Paris, France.

As much as Rafa is the favorite to victory. The world number 1 knows that winning a Roland Garros final against Rafael Nadal is another unthinkable added achievement to the number of victories and records he has accumulated. He has already won three Wimbledon finals from Roger Federer but what lies ahead tomorrow looks more complicated.

Neither of the two is going to condition their approaches more than to lift the title and not to face a last chance, but it is clear that the significance of the crash is enormous.

Between the closest and the most concrete, you have to start by reeling off the final from its most particular circumstance, at what height each player hits and at what height they can hit the other. This reason, which is crucial, and that only a predisposition to confrontation causes an excuse to be anticipated from the Spanish side, makes the game change with respect to the other duels that Novak and Rafa have had on clay.

Although Novak is the player who has best supported and stopped the type of hitting and bouncing that characterizes the Balearic Islands, the current conditions grant him an extra to take or regain the initiative of the points.

Rafa must adapt more but Novak will have to take advantage of it. And most importantly, see if this tactical and technical opportunity translates into tennis and especially mentally, the most important aspect. It doesn't seem like anything ends up affecting Rafa when he climbs to caress another title in Paris, so Nole will have to expose him.

Among the technical and strategic variants of the final, we are going to stop at two very specific points. One is the use of the rhythm of the exchanges, because here the change of speeds will be more important than that of heights, it is more difficult to play with heights, because if we take into account that in a generic way there are three boat heights ( slice, flat and topspin), this time it is more complicated, although they will occur, to play with big differences (Rafa always manages to open spaces or push back with his 'top spin').

In the case of rhythm, Novak Djokovic has been using his left hand, the dropshot, in an absolutely masterful way, a hit that has gained relevance during the last fifteen days, due to the heaviness of the ball and the weather conditions: the ball stays much longer. dead and it is very difficult to put it back into play. Nole, who could technically boast of being his best hitter from the wrong side, is putting him on the table with perfect clarity and choice.

For many reasons. Rafa has been connecting with great confidence a blow that makes it much easier for him to control the center of the court. On the one hand, it allows him to buy more time instead of turning to the forehand, while on the other he can load the area because it costs Djokovic more to counter-strike: his forehand.

Attacking the area to the right of the Serbian, with flat and descending blows, prevents him from going on the attack, with the addition that the triple threat (parallel backhand, crossed or 'dropshot') stays away. If Rafa plays with intelligence and determination to attack that area (not to mention doing it with his parallel right, which is his most devastating blow in tactical terms), he will be able to compensate for the absence of 'spin' that with his right dominates the initiative in hot conditions and normals of Roland Garros 2020.

Finally, let's talk about the serve, an apparently secondary weapon on clay but extremely valuable from a mental and tactical point of view: for both players the serve is a measuring stick for their feelings, the first indicator of their confidence in the match, the first pike of all. The ability to connect many firsts and resolve difficult moments with him will once again be central to the aspirations of lifting the title.

The board prepared, the pieces arranged, about to turn the clock, Roland Garros 2020, one of the most unique tournaments in history, has been rewarded with a crucial moment in the history of tennis. The prize: Rafael Nadal (2) vs Novak Djokovic (1), for much more than the fictional kingdom of France. For a bit of history.

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By David Limbaugh, on 3:00p ET