By Landon Smith

XBET Sportsbook Review & Offers

XBET 100% Up To $300 | Open an account Claim Now.




XBET 100% Up To $300 | Open an account Claim Now.

Xbets a Legit Site to bet on Sports

Most Xbet fans love the user-friendly website, which is perfect for beginners. This bookmaker also has one of the fastest and easiest deposit processes on the market.

The limits of Xbet are not the highest, but that does not affect the vast majority of players. Your bonuses are incredibly competitive and can be extremely lucrative. Xbet's live betting lines are extensive and the individual player accessories are innovative, powerful and adaptable.

Despite his young age, Xbet is a modern bookmaker and has proven to be a highly reliable option.

Live Betting

Live betting is where Xbet really shines. It is efficient, clear and covers almost every event and every type of bet you could want. The live betting options (Ultimate and Premium) are wide. Ultimate is a bit more confusing, but it offers more options in terms of accessories, spreads and moneylines.

Premium is an optimized and easy-to-use platform for live betting. It does not offer the same options as the Ultimate Live Betting section, but it is very easy to get used quickly.
Both have games ranging from the NFL to women's college basketball and international football. Keep in mind, however, the juice: depending on the event, you can pay taxes on live bets up to -125. It is important to include this in your potential ROI.



Enough deposit options for almost every player, Withdrawing with Bitcoin is free.

Deposit Options

Although Xbet theoretically offers five deposit methods, transfers are currently not accepted and have not worked for a while. However, most users like to use a credit card, Bitcoin, MoneyGram or E-Check.

Xbet is one of the few sports betting companies that does not cover all the costs associated with deposits, even if it starts with a decent balance. You are given $ 10 for all fees you have to pay for deposits of $ 300 or more. There is no fee for Bitcoin, although there is a small fee for the blockchain that processes the transaction.

The maximum deposit amounts at Xbet are quite low, which is not too surprising (since the limits are limited to $ 1,000 unless otherwise agreed).

The deposit in your account is quick and easy, which is excellent, as residents often make quick bets.

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Times

Bitcoin is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do business at Xbet. All other withdrawals carry a fee, and it can take over a week to deliver e-checks and wire transfers. The payout time for Bitcoin, however, is 24 hours.


XBET 100% Up To $300 | Open an account Claim Now.

The standard sportsbook registration bonus at Xbets is a 100% sign-up to $300

A 100% sign-up bonus of up to $300 is the new player offer, which is a fair enticement but comes with a few restrictions. The biggest is that you’ll have to deposit at least $100 to be valid. The bonus is awarded as a free play that’s only valid in the sportsbook. The free play option also can’t be used on wagers outside of the -200/+200 range.

Xbet has one of the few 100% registration offers still available, a standard top-up option, reimbursement options on the racetrack and transfer offers. We are pretty sure that many options are negotiable in Xbet, but it will work for any promotion you are looking for. You should also register if you agree with your modest list options.

Bettors should know that unlike many other websites, withdrawals are allowed within 30 days of accepting a bonus. The requirements for reinvestment are in effect and vary depending on the amount.

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XBET 100% Up To $300 | Open an account Claim Now.

Excellent betting experience overall

For the average weather Xbets mark all boxes. You can bet on all major sporting events (and many minor events), the website is user-friendly and there are many pleasant surprises along the way. That means your bet limits are not too high and your paylines are not among the first ones. Casual players who want to spend a few bucks on high-profile events will have a perfect and entertaining experience.

Sports You Can Bet On

Basketball Rugby
UFC/MMA Lacrosse
Auto RacingFutures and Props

Xbets Offers also Poker, Casino, & Racebook

Although it is good that they have a forum for the weather of the horse or slot machines, these points are clearly not particularly important for the operator.

The main reasons for betting on horses in sports betting are discounts and the rules for collecting certain exotic bets. Xbet intelligently lowered the minimum bet for certain exotic bets to $ 0.50. However, if you close a pot that nobody hits in the course (for example, a Pick 4 with two 50-1 strokes), they will refund your bets instead of giving away the whole pot except the takeaway. However, the rules of Xbet Facebook limit an occasional hunch game.

The Xbet Casino is reasonable but not spectacular. They don't have a poker room, but they do have video poker, slots, 3D slots, a fairly large selection of board games and some other niche attractions like Keno and Virtual Racebook. Their offers are nothing special, but they are perfect for a quick getaway.

If you have chosen Xbet for your sports bets, the extras are acceptable, easy to use and do not require a download. If you assume that you use these products frequently, there may be other places that best suit your cravings.

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Let's start with the positive aspects: The Xbet employees do everything to help you. They are friendly, courteous and very open-minded, regardless of their contact method. Whether you communicate via chat, phone or email and your inquiries will be answered quickly.

Unfortunately, support is excellent until one customer service representative says one thing and the other does it differently.

Although the site is ideal for sports betting, it is a disaster to describe rules and actions, which increases the importance of good customer service. Old offers and incorrect information are found throughout the website and hide customer service representatives from offers that are not available.

In other words, if you work for supervisors in the food chain, they work hard to keep promises, explain regulations, and satisfy customers.

Bottom Line

Wenn Sie nach einer sicheren und zuverlässigen Website suchen, die eine hervorragende mobile Anwendung, große Einsätze und modernes Zubehör bietet, ist Xbet eine gute Option. Die Möglichkeit, Wetten anzupassen, trägt ebenfalls zur Erfahrung bei.

Andererseits sind Ein- und Auszahlungen mit einem gewissen bürokratischen Aufwand verbunden, Anleihen sind auf einen relativ geringen Betrag begrenzt und die Regeln könnten viel klarer sein.

Letztendlich muss das Wetter entscheiden, welche Elemente für sie am wichtigsten sind.

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By Landon Smith, on 4 May 2020, at 6:24p ET