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BETNOW Sportsbook Review and Offers

BETNOW 50% Up to $1,000 | Open an account Claim Now.




BETNOW 50% Up to $1,000 | Open an account Claim Now.

BetNow a Legit Site to bet on Sports

Although BetNow is relatively new to the online sports betting industry, it has left a lasting impression. This online sports betting website, licensed in Curacao and launched in 2015, has achieved an outstanding position. How? To be unique.

Unlike many sports betting providers, BetNow feels comfortable offering large limits, creating your own pay lines, offering generous opportunities for parlays and teasers, and operating an attractive website with perfect transactions.

Although they don't have the history of the largest locations, there have been few complaints about deposits or withdrawals. In addition, the entire experience of betting with the bookmaker and interacting with customer service made a very positive impression.

If you want to bet on promotions in play, you can easily find them on the BetNow website. If you click on "Bets in play", all betting options for sports that are currently in play will be displayed. We are definitely happy to see that BetNow does not allow its customers to seek action in the game as much as many of its competitors.

Live Betting

In the relatively short time that BetNow existed, the importance of in-game betting has grown exponentially. Before the start, his team realized that betting on the game would be a big problem, and it doesn't disappoint.

Almost all major sporting events are available, in addition to many side events (international football is huge). Bets and spreads, alternate lines and tripartite bets are available, and the -115 vig is normal for the course here. The platform is simple, fast and exactly what the modern and moving fan needs.


BETNOW 50% Up to $1,000 | Open an account Claim Now.

Plenty of deposit and withdrawal options available, Decent payout speed for a younger company

Deposit Options

BetNow offers a good selection of banking methods that you can use to move your money. At the time of our review, BetNow offered several deposit methods. Below are the individual payment methods, as well as more useful information about the individual methods.

Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the most accommodating option. It is fast, safe and can start with just $ 20 and up to $ 40,000. An amount between $ 25 and $ 2,000 is required to use a credit card with BetNow. Regardless of how you choose to deposit into your account, money is available and your money is safe.

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Times

All Bitcoin payouts are free and at no extra cost. Checks are capped at $ 85. This maximum will only apply if you request a check limit of $ 2,800. The smallest check you can get is $ 100. The tiered pricing depends on the amount you withdraw.

Although the site is still young, payments were not a problem. You will receive your money between a few days and a few weeks, depending on the method. In general, they follow their own guidelines for payment rates and deadlines, but as the website ages, we expect this to become an area they revisit.


BETNOW 50% Up to $1,000 | Open an account Claim Now.

The standard sportsbook registration bonus at BetNow is a 50% sign-up to 1,000.

BetNow has a fairly solid welcome offer for new users. As part of your Welcome Bonus, you can get a 50% match up to $ 1,000 on your first deposit. If you want to win the full bonus of a maximum of $ 1,000, you must make the first deposit of $ 2,000 with BetNow.

What we like about this game is that you can win up to $ 1,000 in extra money! This is a great business for people who want to deposit large amounts for the first deposit. The minimum deposit required to participate in this promotion is $ 50. The bonus balance is subject to a 3-fold transfer in sports betting and a 15-fold transfer in the online casino.

With this bonus, while customers can earn a large amount, there are also some higher reinvestment requirements. Finally, you should consider whether you want to get the maximum reimbursement of the bonus or find the right reinvestment request for you. To claim the BetNow Welcome Bonus, simply enter the code "BN50" into the first deposit.

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BETNOW 50% Up to $1,000 | Open an account Claim Now.

The excellent betting experience overall

For the average weather, BetNow marks all boxes. You can bet on all major sporting events (and many minor events), the website is user-friendly and there are many pleasant surprises along the way. That means your bet limits are not too high and your pay lines are not among the first ones. Casual players who want to spend a few bucks on high-profile events will have a perfect and entertaining experience.

Sports You Can Bet On

Basketball Boxing
Motor Racing 

BetNow Offers also Poker, Casino, & Racebook

If you are a fan of casino games, you should definitely check out what BetNow has to offer in its online casino. There you will find a collection of games that includes more than 15 table games, 17 types of video poker, 3 types of live dealer games and more than 40 slot machines. You will also find some scraping and keno games. Next, we will analyze in detail what BetNow has to offer in its online casino.

The first thing we noticed about the online casino at BetNow was that they offered live dealer games. We were very happy because we like to play live dealer games and this is currently a big trend in the area of ??online casinos. BetNow currently offers three types of live dealer games: blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. If you are interested in live dealer casino games, be sure to try the games at BetNow Casino.

The graphics of the game at BetNow Casino were okay. The graphics could definitely be a lot better than today. At this point, the graphics in most casino games are definitely below average than in other online casinos. BetNow will have to invest in some new and improved games if the graphics of the games are to be improved to keep up with the competition.

One thing we don't find in BetNow is branded games. While BetNow offered a good selection of games, none of them were branded games. Instead, we found lots of generic games and a handful of imitations. Some of the imitations we saw were "Dog Father" and "Party in Wonderland". This is a defined area with the potential for improvement in BetNow. We are big fans of websites that offer games from brands like "Godfather" and "Alice in Wonderland" as this means that a website has invested some money in their online casino.

Overall, the casino at BetNow is pretty good. They have some highlights, such as a good selection and live dealer games. However, take into account the overall quality of the graphics in your games and the lack of branded games. We hope that BetNow will consider some investments and continuous improvements in your online casino. However, if you have nothing against third-party games, this may not be a problem for you.

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BetNow answers incredibly fast and useful questions, either by chat, phone or email. In some cases, the first contact with a colleague had to be clarified to get the correct answer. However, it did not take long to resolve a query. Reducing the minimum bet was as easy as increasing the limits for bets in the game. I just had to be asked.

Bottom Line

If in-game and mobile betting is important to you, BetNow has an excellent user interface. Most potential customers are engaged in major sports, and if that is their preference, the offerings are wide. It is also a great advantage to have large boundaries, and we expect this solid and young location to continue to improve with age.

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By David Limbaugh, on 19 Oct 2020, at 5:12p ET