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5DIMES Sportsbooks Review and Offers

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Reason for 5Dimes Sportsbook Review


5DIMES 50% Up to $520 | Open an account Claim Now.

Legit Site to bet on Sports

There's really no better way to say it than to say that 5Dimes sports betting is one of the best, if not the BEST on the internet. Sure, the breadwinner and flagship of the site, your bookmaker is loaded with everything you need and more.

It's always easy to see when a site devotes a lot of time, money and effort to a particular part of your site. Obviously 5Dimes has done this with its bookmaker. The variety of games you can bet on is HUGE, including the popular games as well as many dark sports for which you may not have even offered known bets.

Did you know that you can bet on competitive feeding competitions? Did you know that you can bet in the Puppy Bowl? What about betting on politics? All this and more is offered in 5Dimes, which is certainly the most comprehensive list we have seen so far.

5Dimes also has many special promotions for your bookmaker, including reduced life bets. We will guide you through all your actions shortly. You'll soon see that it's a better year for you to run special sports betting campaigns instead of pure promotions throughout the casino. We will also discuss the importance of third party reliability and testing and how 5Dimes uses them to create a much better gaming experience for all weather levels.

Live Betting

There are several methods for sports betting at play in 5Dimes. If it is in the normal range of sports betting, the lower area of ??each sports category will contain a field labeled "Live in play" when a game is taking place.

The odds for the current game are visible and you can place a bet with just a few clicks. These odds for live bets on 5Dimes are generally updated when advertising breaks. Live Betting Ultra is a separate section of the website and offers more ways to play.

They have a great selection and offer direct bets, accessories, moneylines, handicaps, sums and more. You can even place these bets with continually updated odds. An advantage of Live Betting Ultra is the almost 3% discount for most sports (NFL fees are not included).

Finally, there is Live Betting Extra, the most accessible section of the 5Dimes mobile website. It has instant updates, makes bets efficient and gives users the ability to trim betting slips so that they can reduce their bets when the action moves. Our experience is that live bets of 5Dimes with juice are not punished too much. The lines generally meet the industry standard of -110 and sometimes -115.



Safe, secure and fast deposits, One of the strongest payout records around

Deposit Options

Financing your 5Dimes account is standard. With a credit card, the minimum deposit is $ 50 and the maximum deposit is $ 500. The website reimburses most of the fees found and does not charge any fees for using a card. Bitcoin is accepted and can only deposit $ 25 and up to $ 10,000. P2P transfers (person-to-person) and money orders also work, but both are chargeable. P2P tariffs do not apply to transfers over $ 500. Regardless of how you deposit, the transactions are quick, secure and hassle-free.

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Times

One of the most interesting things we would like to point out when picking up 5Dimes first is that there is a special line of phone support just for withdrawals. This means that if you have a problem or need help choosing the option that suits you, you can contact a real person by phone very quickly. We've never seen this before, so that's great.

All players receive a free payment for a period of 30 days. Additional withdrawals are subject to the charges listed below. While the rates are quite normal, the free payment is not. It's great to see them add this to their customers.



The standard sportsbook registration bonus at 5Dimes is a 50% sign-up to $200.

Reduced juice inserts: This advantage at 5Dimes is so good that we think it deserves its own section. As an added benefit, the site offers reduced bets on games and random events so you can benefit from them. This means that the bookmaker takes less money for herself, which gives her more time to stay. The reduced juice bets we saw were money line bets that were -105 instead of -110.

This means that if you bet $ 100 without the reduced juice stake, you will get $ 90.91. With the reduced juice bet, choosing the right one brings you a profit of $ 95.24. It may seem like $ 5, but that will accumulate over time or accumulate once you bet more than $ 100 on a game.

To be honest, when we first read about it, we expected them to be stupidly dark sports or bets that nobody was interested in attracting the action to. Surprisingly, they have actually translated this into popular sports and betting that there is a good chance that you are already doing so. Even if you bet elsewhere, we recommend that you open an account to look for these options.

50% New Player Sign-up Bonus

When joining 5Dimes, you can opt-in for a 50% free play (up to $200), with an extra 20% for larger deposits. This comes with a rolling 10x rollover requirement. Here’s how the bonus structure works:


Deposit AmountBonus $Bonus %
$100 (min)$5050%
$2,000 (max)$52026%


5DIMES 50% Up to $520 | Open an account Claim Now.

The excellent betting experience overall

Nobody wins 5Dimes when it comes to their betting menu. The chances of winning are generous and, although the website is a bit dated, browsing is easy. There are no incredibly fun or flashy elements in these sports bets, but it is full of offers and value.
line selection

5Dimes can have more than 100 NCAA games on the board every Saturday and lists more than 40 countries from which they place football bets. There are also frequent bets on politics and specialized sports, as well as international versions of both. Do you want to bet on the next president of Mexico or Brazil? Billiards, competitive food and national spelling? 5Dimes will do this.

When it comes to winning possibilities, you won't find many websites that play them more directly than 5Dimes. They have a lot of bets on a lot of money, so shading lines generally only cause too much money to be used on one side. This forces them to change the numbers and then exposes them to the possibility of being in the middle. The site provides lines quickly, adjusts as necessary and targets a large number of customers.

5Dimes has a large selection in terms of futures and accessories. They use the popular and modern Player Props software, which allows you to place bets in the same style as in fantasy sports.

In 5Dimes you can make sports bets in different ways, although you will find different prices. The odds of parlays and teasers are slightly better than most competitors. The way you choose your line is also unique. All sports betting odds offer a standard price of -110 with a drop-down menu where you can buy or sell points. The same often applies to totals and individual team points, which are not offered on all websites but are standard on 5Dimes.

5Dimes has a large selection in terms of futures and accessories. They use the popular and modern Player Props software, which allows you to place bets in the same style as in fantasy sports. Therefore, select an athlete and a statistics category and you will receive an upper / lower line for your individual success in a game. In the future, almost all sports covering 5Dimes will have the option of daily updated odds to win a league championship, and often numbers for league MVPs and other future fixtures.

Sports You Can Bet On

BasketballMotor Racing
Combat SportsSoccer
GolfOther Sports

5Dimes Offers also Poker, Casino, & Racebook

5Dimes not only has a great bookmaker to enjoy, but also a very nice casino with lots of options if you like things like that or want to relax and let off steam. The casino had the following offers in its standard casino:

19 board games
148 slot machines
18 video poker games
14 specialized games (Keno, Scratch Card,)
29 mini-games

In addition to these games, they had several games in their Matchplay Casino and Bonus Casino.

The 5Dimes casino area also offered live dealer games for Turbo Blackjack, European Roulette, American Roulette, Baccarat and Super 6. For those who really like the live casino experience, this is perfect for you. Real live dealers are organized at the tables of a casino somewhere in the world and the action is transmitted through really cool technology. End all your actions and decisions from your computer or phone, but all actions take place live before your eyes. Distributors are real people and even interact with you as the progress of the game. Definitely something great for you to check if you've never seen it before.

5Dimes games also use technology to improve the experience a little for you. For example, in blackjack, you can select a check box that is automatically kept when you are 18 years old. No one is 18 or older unless they are crazy. This is very impressive and saves you time and effort. These small technological "Easter eggs" are everywhere on the website and show a lot of love for detail of employees and developers at 5Dimes.

There is more action in the poker room on weekends than on weekdays. It is a perfect place to play when you compete, but to some extent it feels like a late occurrence in sports betting.

5Dimes offers a wide range of extras for everyone who wants action beyond sports betting. Your Facebook is one of the best outside websites dedicated exclusively to ponies. The site offers a wide selection of possible uses. With a minimum bet of a quarter, you can cover tons of exotic bets like Pick-6 or Superfect. Nor do they have maximum odds for larger titles.

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Customer Service

In every way, if you need help, 5Dimes offers it. You have more than just a general phone number; Certain lines provide help as needed. Chat and email support is available around the clock.

Our experience with 5Dimes customer service shows that they are useful and easy to use. However, your extensive rules and regulations section can usually provide the information you need without having to speak to the support staff.

Bottom Line

5Dimes has a simple layout, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Their straightforward approach to betting eliminates the distractions that so many other sportsbooks possess. They appeal to customers that want to bet on a very wide range of games, receive competitive odds on contests, and bettors want low minimums and high maximums.

With strong promotions and a three-decade history of secure and timely payouts, is among the best online betting sites out there.

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By David Limbaugh, on 3 May 2020, at 12:40p ET