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2021 Futures Odds and Guide to Bet on Horse Racing

Horse futures and props next and guide for international events for 2021 Season

2021 Futures Odds and Guide to Bet on Horse Racing

Next we will have the future forecasts of the tournaments for the 2021 season. If you want to know more about horse racing and Betting, keep reading this article.

2021 Futures Odds

The Derby (UK) | Outright
Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (FRA) | Winner

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Bet On Horse Racing, Little Explanation

Horse racing betting showdowns should appeal to sports bettors, who are used to deciding between two teams with a margin of points and not a field of a dozen horses.

Rather than handicapping the entire field and deciding a winner, a showdown involves two horses on the field, with a money line similar to that found in team sports.

The bettor is simply betting on which horse will finish before the other, regardless of whether the horse wins or not.


Direct Bets
Exotic Bets
Exact box
Trifecta box
Double wheel
Show Parlay

Odds And Betting Format

Picking the two or three horses that you think will win and placing (and showing a trifecta) would be the easiest way. These can be difficult bets to win, as you have to define the exact final position of several horses, BUT THE WIN IS VERY HIGH

Cash bets will allow you to create exact or trifect results, but bet all possible outcomes and combinations of your horse racing odds bet.

For example, if you chose horse 1 to win and horse 3 to place an exact bet, and the result would be that horse 3 won the race and horse 1 came in second, it is a losing bet.

However, in a cash bet, you choose the horses that you think will win and place, and you will win if those horses win and place, regardless of the order.

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