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JAZZ Sports Sportbook Review

JAZZ Sports Sportbook Review


 50% Welcome Cash Bonus (x2) 


Jazz Sports a Legit Site to bet on Sports

In jazz sports betting, you can enjoy hundreds of daily betting options. Whether you want to bet directly, play games or make fun of your sports teams, this online bookmaker has everything you need for jazz and more.

Among the same-day payments, Jazz Sports Betting offers a variety of payment options to choose from. New players receive an instant 15% bonus when they make a minimum deposit of $ 100. The maximum amount of the registration bonus is $ 500.



Deposits and withdrawals are simple, Incredible track record for payouts.

Deposit Options

Jazz Sports offers customers many different banking options to facilitate the transfer of money to your website. There are a total of six different banking options available for withdrawals. Below, we present each of these options along with important details about each option, including the minimum deposit amount.

BTC: Minimum: $20 | Maximum: $1000 | Fee: None

Credit and Debit Cards: Minimum: $100 | Maximum: Variable | Fee: None

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Times

Outsourcing your Jazz Sports balance is easy thanks to the various withdrawal options. Jazz Sports currently offers four different banking options so customers can withdraw. We'll cover each of the following options along with useful information on each.

BTC: Minimum Withdrawal: $100 per day | Maximum: $1000 Per Day| Fee: None

Person To Person Transfer: Minimum Withdrawal: Call for limits | Maximum: Call for limits | Fee: None


The standard sportsbook registration bonus at Jazz Sports is a 50% Welcome Cash Bonus (x2).

10% Deposit Cash Bonus

If you want some bonus cash with a very low rollover requirement, check out the Jazz Sports 10% Deposit Cash Bonus. For this promotion, you’ll get a 10% match on your initial deposit over $100. What’s great about this promotion is that your bonus cash is subject to only a 4x rollover requirement. It is worth noting that under the terms of this promotion, the maximum bonus is $500.

15% Deposit Cash Bonus

Providing the perfect balance between a nice amount of cash back and a lower rollover requirement, the 15% Deposit Cash Bonus from Jazz Sports is a great one to consider. Under the terms of this promotion, you’ll get a 15% cash bonus on all deposits over $100. The maximum bonus under this promotion is $500, and the bonus funds are subject to a 5x rollover requirement.

20% Deposit Cash Bonus

Clients that are looking to get the most bonus cash available that also don’t mind a higher rollover requirement should take a look at this bonus from Jazz Sports. For this promotion, you’ll score a 20% cash bonus on your initial deposit of $100 or more. The maximum bonus under this promotion is $500, and bonus cash is subject to a rollover requirement of 8x.

30% Free Play Bonus

If you like free play bonuses and a super low rollover requirement, this promotion is for you. Under the terms of this promotion, Jazz Sports will give you a 30% free play bonus match on your initial deposit over $100. What’s great about this promotion is that it has a very low rollover requirement of just 5x. It is worth noting that the maximum bonus under this promotion is $500.

50% Free Play Bonus

Clients looking for a good balance of free play bonus and a lower rollover requirement will like this promotion. Under their 50% Free Play Bonus, Jazz Sports will pay you a 50% match on your initial deposit over $100. For this promotion, the maximum bonus is $500, and your bonus funds will be subject to an 8x rollover requirement.

100% Free Play Bonus

If you’re looking to get the most free play bonus possible, be sure to check out this promotion. Under the terms of this promotion, you’ll get a 100% free play bonus match on your initial deposit of $100 or more. The maximum bonus for this promotion is $500. Because you’re getting a high match, the rollover requirement for this promotion is slightly higher than the other ones above. For this promotion, the rollover requirement is 12x.

20% End of Month Cash Back Sportsbook Promotion

Jazz Sports offers a cash back promotion that offers you 20% cash back at the end of each month. Under the terms of this promotion, you’ll get 20% of your net losses in the sportsbook back in your account. The 20% cash back for the previous month is paid on the 5th of each following month. This program is nice as it allows you a way to recoup some of your losses if you have a down month in the sportsbook at Jazz Sports.

Horse Racing Rebate Program

Jazz Sports allows you the ability to earn up to 7% cash back on your horse racing wagers through their Horse Racing Rebate Program. Under the terms of this promotion, select tracks will pay up to 7% cash back on all of your horse betting action. For full terms and conditions about the tracks and the associated rebate, be sure to check out the Jazz Sports site.

Online Casino Rebate Program

Clients that plan to play often in the online casino at Jazz Sports will be happy to know that they offer an online casino rebate. For this promotion, you’ll get a .0025% rebate on most of your casino action. There are a few games such as Roulette that are excluded, but the vast majority of the online casino is included.

50% Referral Bonus

Jazz Sports wants you to refer your friends to join you on their site. As an incentive for you to do this, Jazz Sports is offering you a bonus equal to 50% of your friend’s initial deposit. The maximum deposit under this promotion is $500. In order to get the full $500 maximum bonus, your friend will need to deposit $1,000 for their initial deposit.




 SIGN UP BONUS: 50% Welcome Cash Bonus (x2) 

Excellent betting experience overall

For the average weather GTbets mark all boxes. You can bet on all major sporting events (and many minor events), the website is user-friendly and there are many pleasant surprises along the way. That means your bet limits are not too high and your paylines are not among the first ones. Casual players who want to spend a few bucks on high-profile events will have a perfect and entertaining experience.

Sports You Can Bet On

GolfMotor Racing

Jazz Sports Offers also Poker, Casino, & Racebook

If you're looking for a change from the bookmaker, take some time to visit the Jazz Sports Online Casino. The Jazz Sports Online Casino has a range of games including 24 table games, 18 types of video poker and 41 slot machines. Although we didn't find any jackpot games, we found that Jazz Sports offers scraping and keno options.

One of the first things we noticed about the Jazz Sports online casino was that the graphics were pretty normal. We are definitely not in any way impressed by the graphics. While we've seen online casinos with poorer graphics, Jazz Sports definitely has room for improvement. We want Jazz Sports to offer some better game graphics in the future so that its customers can participate more in the games.

If you are looking for live dealer promotions, you will be happy to know that Jazz Sports offers them in your online casino. Jazz Sports currently offers live dealer roulette (2 types), baccarat and blackjack. To play live dealer games in Jazz Sports, simply click on the "Live Dealer" section in the top bar of the main menu. Since live dealer games are currently very popular, we are very pleased that Jazz Sports is offering live dealer games to its customers.

We were a little disappointed when we noticed that the Jazz Sports online casino was using imitation games. While we were looking for our rating in your online casino, we found cheesy games like "Party in Wonderland" and "Dogfather". We prefer online casinos that invest in branded games like "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Godfather". "Because these branded games tend to offer a better customer experience through more attractive graphics. We hope that Jazz Sports will add some branded games to its range in the future.

In general, the online casino at Jazz Sports is generally fairly average. While they have covered many of the basics, they have many things they can do to improve the overall customer experience. It's really great that they have live dealer options, but that doesn't make up for the shortcomings in the graphics and overall size of the game options. We hope that Jazz Sports will continue to invest in improving its online casino in the future.

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Customer Service

Knowing that you need help from time to time, Jazz Sports has assembled an excellent team of customer service representatives and contact methods to facilitate your work. Jazz Sports currently offers three different ways to communicate with the customer service team: telephone, live chat and email. We are delighted that you offer these three options because we believe they are the perfect trifecta of customer service options. We will cover each of these contact options in more detail below.

If the phone is your preferred contact method, you will discover that Jazz Sports offers many different phone numbers that you can use to communicate with them. The good thing is that Jazz Sports has different phone numbers for different departments, so you can reach the team you need faster than just having a general phone number. Below are all Jazz Sports phone numbers.


Bottom Line

Overall, Jazz Sports has excellent customer service. We like the fact that they provide customers with three simple contact methods to communicate with them, and we get excellent customer service when we contact them ourselves. For all of these reasons, we have no reason to believe that you will not receive excellent customer service from your team.