By Landon Smith

GT Bets Sportbook Review


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GT Bets a Legit Site to bet on Sports

The first thing that stood out about GTbets Sportsbook was how well organized it was. No degree in computer science was required to discover how to navigate the site, and we were able to reach the pay lines and bets with a few mouse clicks. Each betting screen follows the same procedure, with the sports categories in the left column, the odds and betting options in the middle, and their selected bets on the right side of the screen.

Turn your bet into a Parlay, Robin, Teaser or If bet by clicking a button on the right side of the screen. If you can buy points in this particular game, this option will appear immediately on the right side of the screen, which is very convenient. We were big fans of the fact that you could experiment with all these options on the same screen and possible payments were updated, as well as the conditions for victory. Basically, with a simplicity that we don't usually find on betting sites, you could access more advanced betting options.

The fees were initially shown in US fees (in a money line style) and could be changed to fractions or decimals at the click of a button. Clicking on the button will change all the odds instead of having to do them one at a time, as in some places. Bets can also be sorted by number, sport or date, which increases ease of use. You can also search for the names of the teams to get the bets you are looking for.

Overall, the biggest benefit we found in GTbets was the fact that everything was well designed and extremely easy to use. We hope you have many non-technical users who test the user interface and modify them until they are easy to use. This is a great advantage since you don't need the software to complicate your work.

Live Betting

GTbets is particularly well suited for live betting and both portable and mobile platforms are almost identical to normal desktop platforms. The first betting lines displayed are for ongoing (or soon to be) games, and although the betting menu in the game is extensive, it is inconsistent.

There are a lot of college sports that are offered at live betting, and the NFL is completely covered. However, the NHL and NBA games are unpredictable, and football is mostly limited to first-class games. The juice in live betting is not always the same, ranging from -120 to -125, which starts to be expensive and makes the return on a positive investment difficult.



Deposits and withdrawals are simple, Incredible track record for payouts.

Deposit Options

Deposit options look pretty healthy, which is impressive. No fees or similar. Disbursements were good, not very good, but not bad. The only positive thing you will not see in the following is that the reliability and timeliness of this website seems to be very good. We search forums and customer comments to investigate. The free monthly Bitcoin payment is good, but we want to see that all Bitcoin payments are free. In general, banking could be improved, but it is definitely not bad.

Credit cards: Minimum: $35 | Maximum: $999 | Fee: None

Bitcoin deposits can take hours or even days, but we were up and running in minutes. You do not know Bitcoins? GT Bets does a fantastic job of providing basic cryptocurrency information and showing clients a simple way to open an account, transfer money and get started.

BTC: Minimum: $35 | Maximum: $2000 | Fee: None

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Times

The payment department is only open from 10:00 on Mondays to Fridays. at 16:00 EST. If you want a payment on the same day as your request, all information must be sent before noon.

GTbets requires documentation to receive a payment that includes the front and back of the credit card, a valid ID card, a signed authorization form, and a copy of a current utility bill. Direct Cash, Quick Cash, Bitcoin and Back2Card are available for the first two withdrawals only with the approval of the management.

We are glad that GTbets is offering free Bitcoin payments, and although the website is reliable with its payments, the process is a bit tedious. However, none of the steps in this process is difficult. There are only a few.


The standard sportsbook registration bonus at GT Bets is a 100% bonus up to $ 500. Their sign-up cash bonus of up to $500 (at 100% of your deposit with 10x rollover) is excellent with a minimum deposit of $35. They have also added a second deposit bonus of 50% up to $500 cash on that you’ll get when making your second deposit. This is nice since you may not want to deposit your full bankroll initially.

This cash bonus allows you to keep both the wager and win amount, unlike Free Play bonuses (which only let you keep the winnings). Moneyline plays at less than -300 odds don’t count towards the rollover; this bonus is not available for Skrill or Neteller depositors, but those bettors have access to a 50% bonus.

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 SIGN UP BONUS: 100% Up To $500 

Excellent betting experience overall

For the average weather GTbets mark all boxes. You can bet on all major sporting events (and many minor events), the website is user-friendly and there are many pleasant surprises along the way. That means your bet limits are not too high and your paylines are not among the first ones. Casual players who want to spend a few bucks on high-profile events will have a perfect and entertaining experience.

Sports You Can Bet On

Basketball Rugby Union
HockeyRugby League

GT Bets Offers also Poker, Casino, & Racebook

The casino is acceptable for occasional slots or video games, but compared to other sites it fades and some games even require a download. There are only three live dealer games and a very limited tournament game. However, free rolls are offered every day.

For horse betting enthusiasts, the 15% discount is tempting, but GTbets has some unfortunate limitations. Even with the biggest titles, you can't bet more than $ 500 on individual games, and the maximum amounts for exotic bets are lower. GT bets also limit possible payments for the most lucrative exotic bets, but do not offer bets on selection 5 or selection 6.

The site credit rewards them with the full group payment for the winners of Option 4 (less payment if no one has the right combination on the track), but that is extremely rare. In addition, 50 Cent Super Exotic bets are not allowed.

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Customer Service

GTbets employees are wonderful to talk or talk. Email support is standard and functional, but as with most websites, it is better to call the GTbets phone number if you have questions.

Chat responses are professional, but not too fast. GTbets Customer Service can help you get the information you need. However, sometimes it is necessary to ask the same question several times or be very specific in your question to remove it from the script.

Your chat function indicates that you can send a minute of the discussion via email. Some of our attempts have failed.

Bottom Line

GTbets behaves differently on many websites, and that's positive and negative. Non-payment of a credit card deposit is excellent. It is a great advantage to get half of the extra points for favorite teams. The significant return on money from losses in casinos and careers is incredible. The mobile site is top-notch.

That means there should be more NBA games in live betting. There is no poker room or pick 6 for horse weather. Maximum low stakes and slower lines can cause problems for some players, but are you one of them?

If you are looking for a reputable and professional bookmaker and none of our niche reviews apply to you, your experience with GTbets is positive. If you're a professional and worried about the details we write down, you may be happier elsewhere.