Frequently Asked Questions

I sent an e-mail, but I had no answer. Why?

Please, understand that for the moment the project is in its early stage.

Once we will be making more income and growing our staff, you will get faster answers.

Who are working on this?

We are a small group of friends, one of us is a developer and the other are active bettors who publish content to guide other bettors.

When and why did you start?

We started working on this project by beggining of 2019, as a hobby, and an attempt to make an alternative income.

Do you make income?

For now, not much, really. Barely to pay our hosting. So we can't dedicate more energy to this than as a hobby.

Is the platform for sale?

Even though we support this platform as a hobby, we dedicated much effort on it. So, that depends on how much you want to pay. You can become investor, if you believe on the project.

What advantages do I have by registering?

We are currently working on exclusive features for registered users, such as:

• Ability to vote in events.

• Reducing ads.

• Customizing the leagues you see with preference.

• Receiving exclusive offers.

• And, in the long run, we will give exclusive advantages to the most ancient users.

Can I ask for a feature on your website?

Yes. Send an e-mail to For anything else, you can also contact us.