NC Dinos
Samsung Lions
Thu, Apr 29 - 5:30a ET   |   MBC SPORTS+   |   Daegu Samsung Lions Park
By Landon Smith

NC Dinos vs Samsung Lions KBO Baseball League Preview 4/29/2021

NC Dinos Will Try to Get a Win When Meet Samsung Lions from Daegu Samsung Lions Park - Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Baseball Match Preview and Prediction Game on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

USA Korean Baseball Organization (KBO)
Winner: Samsung Lions -105 at BETUS
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Key Players

Shin Min-hyeok NC Dinos
W-2 / L-2 / 2.57-ERA

Baek Jung-hyun Samsung Lions
W-0 / L-1 / 5.91-ERA

Preview, Prediction and Picks

Daegu Samsung Lions Park is the site where Jeong-hyeon Paek and the Samsung Lions (12-9, 2nd in KBO) will take on the NC Dinos (10-10, 7th in KBO) on Thursday.


NC Dinos -115

The Dinos had 31 two baggers as a team and hit 28 balls out of the park. NC has a .430 slugging rate and has been called to strikes 146 times while clinching a free base 82 times. As a team, the NC Dinos are scoring 5.5 points per game, putting them No. 2 on KBO. They have added 108 points in addition to 172 hits for the year, while their batting average is 0.252. They earned 110 points with a base percentage of 0.352 per team.

Sung-Bum Na is one hitter you'll want to keep an eye out for for NC. During his career, Na threw 183 baseballs out of the park while driving 747 runs. In his time in professional baseball, he has hit 4,233 times and hit a base hit 1,191 times. Na hit .316 in his baseball time, in addition to 730 runs scored and a .924 OPS. His slugging percentage is 0.541 and he totaled 2,041 bases. He hit 929 times and received 335 walks, contributing to an OBP of .383.

Song has been up the hill for 108 innings and sits with 92K in his career. Song (his career 11-4) has a 3.89 PIF as he faced 464 batters during his time in baseball. His ERA is 3.81 (46 earned runs allowed) and he has a 1,380 WHIP. He returned 102 base hits (8.4 hits in 9 innings) with 48 free passes.


Samsung Lions -105

Samsung has a total of 21 home runs during the season with 102 points. They had 31 two baggers, while they hit a free base 93 times and scored 112 points. The Samsung Lions had a base team percentage of 0.363 and a batting average of 0.280 on the season. The Lions have a 0.422 slugging percentage and record 5.33 points per fight (fourth in the league). They have been called up on strikes 129 times (ninth in baseball) and have had a total of 198 base hits.

Min-ho Kang is one hitter you'll want to keep an eye out for for Samsung. In his 6,052 career batting, Kang hit .276 and had 1,672 hits. He has walked the court 275 times, in addition to having 2,816 total goals and a .465% slugging. Kang recorded a march 639 times while he was called to strike 1,308 times. He racked up 778 runs in addition to 972 RBIs. His base percentage is 0.356 and he has a career OPS of 0.821.

Over the course of his career, Paek has allowed 758 base hits, while he totaled 582 hits in 697 innings. Paek (38-36, career-best) has a 4.85 ERA and has delivered 9.8 hits in 9 innings. He allowed a total of 376 ER while earning a WHIP of 1,491 and a FIP of 5.3. He has a K / BB ratio of 2.06 and has faced 3,088 batters in his career.


WINNER: Samsung Lions @ -105

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By Landon Smith, on 5:30a ET