NC Dinos
Lotte Giants
Fri, May 28 - 5:30a ET   |   MBC SPORTS+   |   Sajik Baseball Stadium
By Landon Smith

NC Dinos vs Lotte Giants KBO Baseball League Preview 05/28/21

NC Dinos Will Try to Get a Win When Meet Lotte Giants from Sajik Baseball Stadium - Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Match Preview and Prediction Game on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Preview, Prediction and Picks

Enderson Franco and the Lotte Giants (15-25, 10th in KBO) face Dinos NC (21-20, 7th in KBO) at Sajik Ballpark on Friday. The Giants open this game at +140 while the Dinos come in at -196. The over / under is set to 9. The expected starting pitchers are Wes Parsons and Enderson Franco.

NC is slugging .459% and struck out 283 times, while clinching free base 175 times. They have totaled 232 RBIs and 396 bases this season, while their home average is .276. The Dinos won 64 two baggers as a team and threw 63 balls out of the park. They had 239 points scored while having a team OBP of .368. As a team, the Dinos NC are scoring 5.8 points per game, putting them first in the league.

Aaron Altherr is a hitter who should be able to influence this game for NC. During his professional baseball career, Altherr hit 148 balls out of the park with 678 points. During his time in the league, he came home 5,097 times and reached base 1,158 times. Altherr hit 0.256 for his baseball career, with 659 runs scored and a 0.760 OPS. His slugging percentage is 0.432 and he has a total of 1,956 bases. He was fanned 1,215 times and walked 425 times, contributing to an OBP of .328.

Parsons has taken the ball for 690 frames and tallied 619 strikeouts in his career. His ERA is 3.51 (269 ER allowed) and he has a WHIP of 1,261. He allowed 638 hits (8.3 hits in 9 innings) with 233 goals. Parsons (29-35 his career win-loss record) has a PIF of 4.18 and has faced 2,910 rival baseball hitters.

Jun-woo Jeon is a hitter who should be able to influence this game for Lotte. In the 4,672 official at-bats of his professional career, Jeon has a .293 batting average with 1,370 base hits. He hit the ball 163 times, as well as 2,168 total goals and a .464 slugging percentage. Jeon has walked 438 times and swooned 810 times. He scored 778 points and 674 points. His base percentage is .360 and he owns a lifetime OPS of .824.

The Lotte Giants made 38 double plays and posted a 0.980 percentage (fourth in the league). The Giants have 408 assists, 30 errors and have amassed 1,068 strikeouts this season. In their 53 chances of getting a robbery, they did so 37 times and were caught 16 times (30.2% catch rate).

Lotte's pitching staff has conceded 238 points on the season with a 5.54 ERA (219 earned runs conceded). They allowed 44 long balls and delivered 6.02 points every 9 innings (10th in baseball). The Giants have a WHIP of 1,607 and FIP of 6.02 as a unit this season. His K / BB ratio stands at 1.61 (298 strikeouts vs. 185 goals). They rank No. 2 in the league as a personal in total hits conceded with 387.

So far in his professional career, Franco has allowed 1,126 base hits and scored 768 strikeouts in 1,012 frames. Franco (his career W / D record of 51-62) had a 4.48 ERA and allowed 10.0 hits every 9 innings. He allowed a total of 504 earned points while holding a 1,420 WHIP and owning a 5.1 FIP. He has a 2.46 strikeout ratio and has faced 4,429 batters so far in his career.

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By Landon Smith, on 5:30a ET