Lotte Giants
SSG Landers
Sat, Apr 3 - 1:00a ET   |   MBC Sports+   |   Incheon SK Happy Dream Park
By Landon Smith

Lotte Giants vs SSG Landers KBO Baseball League Preview

Lotte Giants Will Try to Get a Win When Meet SSG Landers from Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium - KBO Korean Baseball League Match Preview and Prediction Game on Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Dan Straily Lotte Giants

Artie Lewicki SSG Landers

Lotte slugged .408% and was called on strikes 875 times last season, while walking 569 times. He had 711 RBIs and 1,366 base hits in the prior year, while his plateau average was .276. The Giants won two packers 252 as a unit and threw 131 balls out of the park. They had a total of 750 points scored and an OBP of .353. As a team, the Lotte Giants achieved 5.2 points per game, which placed them in sixth place on KBO.

The Giants had a team averaging 4.64 points the year before (sixth in the league), and the staff racked up 1,002 batters. They walked 447 opposing hitters and their FIP finished at 5.07 as a team last season. His K / BB ratio was 2.24 and his pitching team had a collective WHIP of 1.41. Giants pitchers allowed 143 home runs and 720 total points (fifth in baseball).

Dan Straily gave up 148 hits in 194.2 innings he pitched in the past year. His average points earned was 2.50 and he hit 205 opposing batters. He dropped out of 54 won races last year with a K / BB ratio of 4.0. He allowed 6.8 hits over nine innings and his WHIP was 1,022. Straily had a PIF of 2.82. Straily (career mark 121-93) has a PIF of 4.39 against 7,887 baseball batters. He allowed 1,727 hits (8.3 hits in 9 innings) and has 625 free passes. His average points earned is 4.04 (840 points earned allowed) and his career WHIP is 1,258. Straily pitched 1,870 innings and had 1,805 strokes in his professional baseball career.

SSG had 143 home runs the previous season, as well as 595 RBIs. They reached 177 doubles, while walking 511 times and accumulating 634 points. The SSG Landers had a base percentage of 0.329 per team and a batting average of 0.250 the previous season. The Landers had a team SLG% of 0.383 and scored 4.40 points per game (ninth in the league). They were called on strikes in 981 cases (sixth in baseball) and had 1,212 hits.

The Landers had a WHIP team of 1,599 and had a 6.05 FIP as a unit the previous season. His K / BB ratio stands at 1.42 (953 strikeouts vs. 670 free passes). They ranked seventh in baseball as a pitching staff in total hits dropped with 1,343. They conceded 162 long balls and allowed 6.05 runs per 9 innings (10th in KBO). The SSG pitching staff gave up 846 points last season and came in with a 5.58 team ERA (780 earned runs conceded).

Font had a stepping ratio of 1.7 with 15K in total. He got the ball over 16.1 innings last season and allowed 15.4 H / 9. Font allowed 28 total hits and gave up 18 earned runs (9.92 ERA). His WHIP was 2.27 and he had a FIP of 10.47 last year. Throughout his career, Font allowed 905 base hits and 1,075 strikeouts in 1,019 innings pitched. Font (his career 61-52 record) owns a 4.05 ERA and has given up 8.0 hits in nine innings. He allowed 459 ER while holding a 1.312 WHIP and 4.6 FIP. He has a 2.48 strikeout ratio and has faced 4,382 batters in his career.


WINNER: SSG Landers @ +113

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By Landon Smith, on 1:00a ET