KT Wiz Suwon
Samsung Lions
Fri, Apr 9 - 5:30a ET   |   SPOTV   |   Daegu Samsung Lions Park
By Landon Smith

KT Wiz Suwon vs Samsung Lions KBO Baseball League Preview and Picks 4/9/21

KT Wiz Suwon Will Try to Get a Win When Meet Samsung Lions from Daegu Samsung Lions Park - KBO Baseball League Match Preview and Prediction Game on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Kim Min-su KT Wiz
W-2 / L-2 / 2.75-ERA

David Buchanan Samsung Lions
W-1 / L-4 / 4.39-ERA

KT has a .295 slap percentage and has been called to strike 17 times, while marching 12 times. He has 11 batting points and 23 bases so far this year, and his batting average is .242. The Wiz racked up 2 two packers as a team and hit 1 ball out of the park. They scored a total of 12 points while having a team OBP of 0.324. As a unit, the KT Wiz is rated at 4.0 runs / g, which places it in sixth place on KBO.

The Wiz compiled a team averaging 1.67 for the year (second in the league), and their staff called up 21 hitters. Wiz's pitchers have allowed 0 home runs and 8 points overall (8th in baseball). KT returned 16 base hits (5.3 for 9 innings) and 5 earned runs. They got a K / BB ratio of 1.62 and the pitching crew have a collective WHIP of 1.07.

Min-soo Kim gave up 151 bases in 103.1 innings pitched last season. His average points earned was 6.10 and he pushed in 63 batters. He conceded 70 earned runs last season with a K / BB ratio of 2.1. He allowed 13.2 hits over nine innings and his WHIP was 1,752.

Samsung has a total of RBI 6. They recorded 4 two packers, while they got a free base 10 times and scored 8 points. The Samsung Lions compiled an OBP of .301 and a .241 batting average for the year. The Lions are slugging .271% and are scoring 2.00 points per fight (10th in the league). They were retired 25 times (fifth in the KBO) and accounted for 32 base hits.

The Lions have a team WHIP of 1.625 and a FIP of 5.63 as a unit this season. His K / BB ratio is 1.33 (24 strikeouts versus 18 goals). They currently rank second in baseball as a total of personal hits conceded with 34. They have conceded 4 HRs and are allowing 5.63 runs per 9 innings (seventh in the league). Samsung's pitching staff has allowed 20 points so far this season with a 5.34 team ERA (19 earned runs conceded).

Buchanan had a strikeout ratio of 2.4 with a total of 121 K. His WHIP was 1.27 and he owned a 3.66 FIP last season. He hit the slope for 174.2 innings last season and allowed 8.9 H / 9. Buchanan allowed 172 total hits and gave up 67 earned runs (3.45 ERA).


WINNER: KT Wiz @ -180

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By Landon Smith, on 5:30a ET