KIA Tigers
Lotte Giants
Thu, May 6 - 5:30a ET   |   SPOTV   |   Sajik Baseball Stadium
By Landon Smith

KIA Tigers vs Lotte Giants KBO Baseball League Preview and Picks 05/06/2021

KIA Tigers Will Try to Get a Win When Meet Lotte Giants from Sajik Baseball Stadium - Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Baseball Match Preview and Prediction Game on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

Korean Baseball Organization (KBO)
Winner: KIA Tigers @ +105 at BETUS
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Key Players

Lee Eui-lee KIA Tigers
W-1 / L-0 / 2.42-ERA

Enderson Franco Lotte Giants
W-1 / L-1 / 4.18-ERA

Preview, Prediction and Picks

Sajik Baseball Stadium is the site where Enderson Franco and the Lotte Giants (10-15, 10th in KBO) will take on the Kia Tigers (12-13, 6th in KBO) on Thursday.


KIA Tigers @ +105

Kia is slugging .310% and has been called to strikes 176 times, while marching 114 times. He has amassed 95 RBIs and 209 base hits so far this year, and his batting average is 0.241. The Tigers racked up 33 doubles as a team and threw 5 balls out of the park. They have racked up 97 races and have an OBP of .335. As a team, the Kia Tigers score 3.9 points per game, which puts them in ninth place in the league.

Won-joon Choi is a hitter who should impact this game for Kia. For his career, Choi made 11 balls out of the park and scored 128 points. He compiled a .385 slugging percentage and totaled 454 bases. During his time in professional baseball, he hit 1,318 times and scored 335 times at the baseline. He has struck out 185 times and free base 88 times, contributing 0.339 percentage points on base. Choi has amassed a plateau average of .284 during his baseball career, with 202 points scored and an OPS of .724.

Lee (1-0 career record) has a PIF of 2.42 and has faced 86 rival hitters in baseball. He allowed 12 bases (4.8 hits in nine innings) with 9 goals. His ERA is 2.42 (6 ERs allowed) and his career WHIP is 0.940. Lee threw 22 frames and racked up 25 hits during his career.


Lotte Giants @ -125

The Lotte Giants compiled a tag team OBP of .364 in addition to a .268 batting average for the season. They were called on strikes in 187 cases (fourth in baseball) and had 237 hits. Lotte had 20 home runs for the year, as well as 124 RBIs. The Giants have a .393 slugging percentage and are averaging 5.08 points per fight (fifth in the league). They had 48 doubles, while walking 126 times and scoring 127 points.

Chi-hong Ahn is a hitter that should impact this game for Lotte. Ahn hiked 416 times while moving over 702 attempts. He scored 657 points and 658 RBIs. His% of him on the basis of him is 0.362 and he also has a 0.800 OPS on his career. He hit 110 home runs, plus 1,946 total bases and a .438 hitting percentage. In the 4,438 official bats of his career, Ahn hit .298 in addition to 1,324 bases.

So far in his professional career, Franco has delivered 1,110 baseline punches and amassed 758 strikeouts in 998 innings. He allowed a total of 493 ER while earning a WHIP of 1,418 and a FIP of 5.1. He has a K / BB of 2.48 and has faced 4,362 batters so far in his career. Franco (his career win-loss record of 50-61) averages 4.44 and allows 10.0 hits in every 9 innings.


WINNER: KIA Tigers @ +105

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By Landon Smith, on 5:30a ET