KIA Tigers
KT Wiz Suwon
Fri, Apr 30 - 5:30a ET   |   SPOTV2   |   Suwon KT Wiz Park
By Landon Smith

KIA Tigers vs KT Wiz Suwon KBO League Preview 4/30/2021

KIA Tigers Will Try to Get a Win When Meet KT Wiz Suwon from Suwon KT Wiz Park - Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Baseball Match Preview and Prediction Game on Friday, April 30, 2021.

USA Korean Baseball Organization (KBO)
Winner: KIA Tigers @ -105 at BETUS
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Key Players

Kim Yu-sin KIA Tigers
W-0 / L-0 / 4.15-ERA

Ko Young-pyo KT Wiz Suwon
W-2 / L-1 / 3.38-ERA

Preview, Prediction and Picks

Young-pyo Ko and the KT Wiz (11-9, 3rd in KBO) play the Kia Tigers (10-10, 6th in KBO) at Suwon KT Wiz Park on Friday.


KIA Tigers -105

As a unit, the Kia Tigers earn 4.3 points per outing, which is ninth in the league. They represented 85 points scored with a team-based percentage of 0.341. The Tigers accumulated 27 doubles as a team and knocked out 4 stadium balls. They have 83 RBIs on 177 hits this season, and their batting average is .250. Kia has a .319 slap percentage and has been called 141 times, while stomping 92 times.

Won-joon Choi is a hitter who should be able to impact this game for Kia. For his run, Choi hit 11 balls over the fence while leading in 127 runs. In his time in baseball, he hit the batter's box 1,296 times and hit a baseline 329 times. Choi posted a 0.284 batting average for his time in baseball, with 199 runs scored and a 0.725 OPS. His career hit percentage is 0.386 in addition to accumulating 448 goals. He hit 182 times and hit 86 bats, contributing 0.339 percentage points on base.

Mengden pitched 982 innings and sits with 859 Ks during his professional baseball career. Mengden (career best 63-52) has a 4.03 PIF and has faced 3,912 batters during his time in baseball. His ERA is 3.64 (397 points earned allowed) and he has a career WHIP of 1,188. He allowed 885 hits (8.1 hits per nine innings) and had 282 goals.


KT Wiz Suwon -115

KT Wiz has a 0.389 team base percentage and a 0.293 batting average this season. They have been called 130 times (eighth in KBO) and have tallied 205 base hits. KT has reached 11 FC this season, as well as 107 RBIs. The Wiz have a .398 slugging percentage and a total of 5.85 points per game (first in the league). They have 30 doubles, while walking 107 times and scoring 117 runs.

Jeong-dae Bae is a hitter who should be able to impact this game for KT. Bae has won a march 92 times and been called to strike 224 times. His% of him based on him is 0.346 and he has a lifetime OPS of 0.718. In 802 career batting hits, Bae has hit .266 with 213 base hits. He achieved 132 points in addition to gaining 87 points. He had 15 home runs, as well as 298 total goals and a .372% slugging.

So far in his career, Ko has allowed 502 base hits and scored 397 hits in 421 frames. He conceded 241 earned runs with a WHIP of 1,390 and a FIP of 5.6. He has a 4.78 strikeout rate and has faced 1,855 batters in his professional baseball career. Ko (21-30 career record) averaged 5.15 points earned and allowed 10.7 hits in nine innings.


WINNER: KIA Tigers @ -105

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By Landon Smith, on 5:30a ET