KIA Tigers
Kiwoom Heroes
Tue, Apr 6 - 5:30a ET   |   MBC SPORTS+   |   Gocheok Sky Dome
By Landon Smith

KIA Tigers vs Kiwoom Heroes KBO Baseball League Preview 4/6/21

KIA Tigers Will Try to Get a Win When Meet Kiwoom Heroes from Gocheok Sky Dome - KBO Korean Baseball League Match Preview and Prediction Game on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Daniel Mengden KIA Tigers

Choi Won-tae Kiwoom Heroes

Gocheok Sky Dome is the site where Won-tae Choi and the Kiwoom Heroes (80-63, fifth on KBO last year) will meet the Kia Tigers (73-71, sixth on KBO last season) on Tuesday. Tigers open this game at +125 while Heroes are priced at -135. The over / under is set to 8. The expected pitchers will be Daniel Mengden and Won-tae Choi.

Kia beat .404 and was called 957 times last season, while marching 535 times. They had 692 RBIs in addition to 1,355 bases last season, while their home average was .274. The Tigers registered 224 two packers as a team and removed 130 baseballs from the stadium. They scored 724 points and have an OBP of .351. As a team, the Kia Tigers scored 5.0 points per game, which placed them in seventh place in baseball.

The Tigers finished with a 5.13 team ERA last season (eighth in the league), and their team had 1,038 batters. They racked up a 1.86 K / BB ratio and their pitching staff finished with a 1.54 WHIP. Tigers pitchers allowed 120 long balls in addition to 795 total points (third in baseball). His pitching team walked 559 opposing hitters and his PIF was 5.63 as a unit the previous season.

Daniel Mengden gave up 14 baselines in 12.1 innings he pitched last season. His ERA was 3.65 and he struck out 10 batters. He gave up 5 ERs last season and had a strikeout rate of 1.4. He hit 10.2 H / 9 and got a WHIP of 1,703. Mengden had a PIF of 3.65. Mengden has ridden the mound for 959 frames and sits at 835K so far in his professional baseball career. Mengden (62-51 career record) has a PIF of 4.03 against 3,822 rival baseball batters. His ERA is 3.63 (387 earned runs allowed) and he has a WHIP of 1,191. He returned 866 baseline hits (8.1 hits per 9 innings) with 277 free passes.

The Kiwoom Heroes sit with a .355 base percentage in addition to a .269 batting average over the past year. They were called 1,030 times (third in baseball) and had a total of 1,332 hits. Kiwoom had 127 home runs last season and 713 points at stake. The Heroes had a 0.408 team slugging percentage and scored 5.27 points per outing (fifth in the league). They had 254 doubles, walked 608 times and scored 759 points.

The Heroes had a team WHIP of 1,392 in addition to having a team FIP of 4.86 last season. They finished eighth in the league as a personnel in total hits conceded with 1,336. Kiwoom's pitching staff returned 692 points the previous season while posting a 4.39 ERA (624 points earned on loan). They had a strike-to-strike ratio of 2.13 (950 strikeouts vs. 446 walks). They allowed 126 home runs and 4.86 points per 9 innings (2nd in KBO).

Choi had a K / BB ratio of 1.8 with 67K in total. He went up the hill for 110.0 innings last year and allowed 9.4 hits per 9 innings. Choi allowed 115 hits and gave up 62 earned runs (5.07 ERA). His WHIP was 1.38 and he had a 5.56 FIP for the past year. Over the course of his professional career, Choi has given up 674 bases while recording 441 strikeouts in 612 innings pitched. He gave up 303 points earned while earning a WHIP of 1,371 and a FIP of 4.8. He has a K / BB ratio of 2.67 and has faced 2,651 rival hitters so far in his professional baseball career. Choi (44-28 career record) has a 4.46 ERA and allows 9.9 hits in every 9 innings.


WINNER: Kiwoom Heroes @ -135

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By Landon Smith, on 5:30a ET