KIA Tigers
Doosan Bears
Sat, Apr 3 - 1:00a ET   |   SBS Sports   |   Jamsil Baseball Stadium
By Landon Smith

Kia Tigers vs Doosan Bears KBO Baseball League Preview

Kia Tigers Will Try to Get a Win When Meet Doosan Bears from Jamsil Baseball Stadium - KBO Korean Baseball League Match Preview and Prediction Game on Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Aaron Brooks Kia Tigers

Walker Lockett Doosan Bears

Kia was hitting .404 and was recalled 957 times, up from 535 times last year. He recorded 692 runs and 1,355 hits during the previous year, and his batting average was 0.274. The Tigers had 224 team doubles and eliminated 130 baseballs in the park. They scored 724 points with a team OBP of .351. As a unit, the Kia Tigers recorded 5.0 runs per game, which was seventh on KBO.

The Tigers had a 5.13 ERA last season (eighth in KBO), and the staff called 1,038 batters. They walked 559 opposing hitters and their PIF was 5.63 as a team the previous season. They got a strike rate of 1.86 and their launch staff had a collective WHIP of 1.54. Tigers pitchers delivered 120 home runs and 795 points overall (third in baseball).

Brooks had a 2.56 FIP. Aaron Brooks gave up 131 base hits in 151.1 innings pitched last year. He allowed 42 earned runs last year with a 5.4 K / BB ratio. He allowed 7.8 hits in every 9 innings and had a 1,024 WHIP. His ERA was 2.50 and he struck out 130 batters. Brooks has taken the hill for 1,234 innings and is sitting at 949K so far in his career. Brooks (81-64 in his career) owns a 4.89 PIF when he faced 5,208 batters in baseball. His average points earned is 4.50 (617 ER allowed) and his WHIP is 1,313. He allowed 1,381 hits (10.1 hits in nine innings) and has 240 free passes.

The Doosan Bears had an OBP of .365 and a .293 shooting average last season. They hit 796 times (10th in KBO) and had 1,477 hits. Doosan hit 125 HRs over the past year to go with 778 points. The Bears had a 0.427 team slugging percentage and were earning 5.67 points per fight (second in baseball). They reached 263 doubles, while walking 551 times and scoring 816 points.

Doosan's pitching staff allowed 695 points last year while he maintained a 4.31 team ERA (616 earned runs conceded). They allowed 109 diners and gave up 4.87 points for every 9 entries (third in KBO). The Bears had a team WHIP of 1,457 and a team FIP of 4.87 during the prior year. His K / BB ratio stood at 2.19 (1,046 strikeouts vs. 478 goals). They finished third in the league as a personal in total strokes delivered with 1,395.

Lockett had a jump-to-stepping ratio of 2.7 with 8K in total. He took to the court for 8 innings last season while conceding 10.1 H / 9 (hits per 9 innings). Lockett gave up 9 hits and gave up 5 ER (5.63 ERA). His WHIP was 1.50 and he had a 5.63 FIP last season. Lockett (his career best 32-36) has a 4.47 ERA and allows 10.0 hits in nine innings. He has a 3.13 strikeout rating and has faced 2,729 batters so far in his career. He allowed 311 ER while earning a WHIP of 1,358 and a FIP of 5.5. So far in his professional career, Lockett has allowed 697 hits, while he has added 479 hits in 626 innings.


WINNER: Doosan Bears @ -125

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By Landon Smith, on 1:00a ET