Hanwha Eagles
NC Dinos
Sat, Jun 5 - 4:00a ET   |   MBC SPORTS+   |   Changwon NC Park
By Landon Smith

Hanwha Eagles vs NC Dinos KBO Baseball League Preview and Picks

NC Dinos Will Try to Get a Win When Meet NC Dinos from Changwon NC Park in Changwon, South Korea - Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Match Preview and Prediction Game on Saturday, June 5, 2021.

Preview, Prediction and Picks

Changwon NC Park is where Myung-gi Song and NC Dinos (25-22, 6th at KBO) face Hanwha Eagles (19-29, 9th at KBO) on Saturday. The Dinos open this game at -270 while the Eagles go to +185. O / U was set at 10.5. The expected starting pitchers will be Ryan Carpenter and Myung-gi Song.

The Eagles registered 71 team doubles and drew 24 balls from the park. Hanwha hits 0.338 and has hit 425 times, while shooting a goal 213 times. As a unit, the Hanwha Eagles score 4.3 points per game, which puts them in ninth place in the KBO. They have won 191 RBIs and 375 hits for the year, and their team's batting average is 0.238. They have racked up 205 races and have an OBP of .333.

Joo-Suk Ha is a hitter who should have an impact in this game for Hanwha. In his professional baseball career, Ha hit 37 baseballs over the fence and scored 226 points. His lifetime hitting percentage is 0.380 and he has accumulated 728 bases. During his professional career, he faced a pitcher 2,083 times and had 511 hits. He struck out 496 strikes and was hit 113 times, contributing a 0.315 on-base percentage. He has had a batting average of 0.267 in his baseball time, with 264 runs scored and an OPS of 0.695.

Carpenter (78-84 career wins and losses) had a PIF of 4.78 while playing 5,450 rival hitters during his time in baseball. He gave up 1,419 hits (9.4 hits in 9 innings) and has 368 free passes. His ERA is 4.32 (652 earned runs allowed) and his career WHIP is 1,314. Carpenter has received the ball for 1,359 innings and has amassed 1,231 strikeouts so far in his professional career.

NC counted 70 long balls this year along with 267 RBIs. They scored 78 doubles, while they walked 201 times and scored 279 points. The NC Dinos have a team OBP of .365 and a team batting average of .275 this year. The Dinos have a .453 shooting percentage and are recording 5.81 points per game (first on KBO). They have been called up 340 times (sixth in baseball) and have 460 hits.

Sung-Bum Na is a hitter who should have an impact in this game for NC. In 3,885 official batting appearances throughout his professional career, Na averaged .315 at the plate and amassed 1,224 hits. He went deep 190 times, as well as a total of 2,102 bases and a 0.541 slugging percentage. Na walked 346 times while making 956 attempts. He has 753 points and 768 RBIs. His OBP is 0.383 and he has a lifetime OPS of 0.924.

So far in his professional career, Song has allowed 125 hits for a total of 100 strikeouts in 117 innings. He allowed a total of 62 ER while posting a WHIP of 1,504 and a FIP of 4.8. His K / BB ratio is 1.92 and so far he has faced 516 rival hitters in his professional baseball career.

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By Landon Smith, on 4:00a ET