Hanwha Eagles
KT Wiz Suwon
Sat, Apr 3 - 1:00a ET   |   SBS Sports   |   Suwon KT Wiz Park
By Landon Smith

Hanwha Eagles vs KT Wiz Suwon KBO Baseball Preview

Hanwha Eagles Will Try to Get a Win When Meet KT Wiz Suwon from Suwon KT Wiz Park in Suwon - KBO Korean Baseball League Match Preview and Prediction Game on Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Kim Min-woo Hanwha Eagles

So Hyeong-jun KT Wiz

The Eagles had 195 team doubles and hit 79 balls out of the park last season. Hanwha had a punching percentage of 0.338 and struck out 1,163 times, while he walked 462 times. As a team, the Hanwha Eagles had 3.8 points per outing, which placed them in 10th place in the KBO. They had 523 RBIs in addition to 1,189 hits the year before, while their team's batting average was 0.245. They scored a total of 551 points with a team OBP of .320.

The Eagles averaged 5.28 points per team last season (ninth in the league), and their staff had 1,019 batters. His pitching team walked 609 batters and his PIF as a team reached 5.83 the previous season. They had a bounce rate of 1.67 and their pitching team had a team WHIP of 1.59. Eagles pitchers gave up 158 home runs and 820 points overall (second in KBO).

Nick Kingham allowed 16 bases in 10.2 innings he pitched last season. His average points won was 6.75 and he knocked out 6 opposing batters. He did 8 ER last season with a 1.5 K / BB ratio. He gave up 13.5 hits in every 9 innings and had a WHIP of 1,875. Kingham had a 9.28 FIP. Kingham (54-55 career) has a PIF of 4.43 and has faced 3,847 batters during his time in baseball. He allowed 881 walks (8.7 hits in nine innings) and completed 263 walks. His ERA is 3.92 (397 earned points allowed) and he has a career WHIP of 1,256. Kingham was on the mound for 910 innings and won K 774 during his career at KBO.

KT had 163 home runs the year before, as well as 767 RBIs. They have 238 two baggers, while they walk 554 times and earn 813 points. KT Wiz posted a 0.358 team percentage in addition to a 0.284 team batting average for the prior year. The Wiz slugged .436% and averaged 5.65 points per fight (third in the league). They hit 1,097 times (second in the league) for a total of 1,432 hits.

KT's pitching staff gave up 715 points last year while maintaining a team ERA of 4.54 (651 points earned lost). They allowed 118 HRs and returned 4.99 points for every 9 innings (5th in baseball). The Wiz had a WHIP of 1,457 and a FIP of 4.99 as a starting staff last season. They had a 1.62 strikeout ratio (848 strikeouts versus 523 walks). They were 4th on the KBO as a pitching staff in total hits allowed with 1,357.

Despaigne gave up 233 basic shots and conceded 100 ER (4.33 ERA). His WHIP sat at 1.45 and he had a PIF of 4.55 over the past year. He went up the hill for 207.2 innings last year and allowed 10.1 hits per 9 innings. Despaigne achieved a 2.2 drop rate with 152 total pickup points. Despaigne (100-105 career record) averaged 4.13 earned runs and allowed 9.3 hits per 9 innings. His strike-to-strike ratio is 1.93 and he has faced 8,010 rival hitters in his career at KBO. He returned 843 points earned while having a WHIP of 1,417 and a FIP of 4.6. During his professional baseball career, Despaigne gave up 1,904 hits for a total of 1,352K in 1,836 innings pitched.


WINNER: Hanwha Eagles @ +125

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By Landon Smith, on 1:00a ET