Hanwha Eagles
KIA Tigers
Tue, Apr 27 - 5:30a ET   |   SBS Sports   |   Gwangju Kia Champions Field
By Landon Smith

Hanwha Eagles vs KIA Tigers KBO Baseball Preview 4/27/2021

Hanwha Eagles Will Try to Get a Win When Meet KIA Tigers from Gwangju Kia Champions Field - Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Baseball Match Preview and Prediction Game on Saturday, April 27, 2021.

Kim Min-woo Hanwha Eagles
W-2 / L-1 / 3.38-ERA

Im Gi-yeong KIA Tigers
W-0 / L-1 / 14.73-ERA

Ki-Yeong Lim and the Kia Tigers (9-9, 5th KBO) host the Hanwha Eagles (8-10, 9th KBO) on Tuesday at Gwangju Kia Champions Field.

As a unit, the Hanwha Eagles get 5.2 points per outing, which puts them in sixth place in the league. They earned 94 points and have an OBP of 0.342. The Eagles compiled 34 doubles as a team and threw 11 balls out of the park. They have 86 RBIs and 154 base hits for the year, while their batting average is 0.256. Hanwha is slugging .371% and has been called to strikes 156 times, while also marching 75 times.

Si-hwan Noh is a hitter you'll want to keep an eye out for for Hanwha. For his professional baseball career, Noh ran 19 balls over the fence while driving 79 runs. He earned a .385 slugging percentage in addition to scoring 225 bases. During his professional career, he has hit 647 times and has hit 130 times. He hit 206 times and walked 51 at-bats, contributing to an OBP of .293. Noh had a .223 batting average for his time in baseball, with 81 runs scored and an OPS of .678.

Kim (15-33 career record) owns a PIF of 6.44 and has faced 1,886 rival hitters in baseball. He allowed 457 base hits (10.1 hits in 9 innings) with 206 goals. His ERA is 5.86 (266 points earned allowed) and his career WHIP is 1,624. Kim pitched 408 innings and accounted for 319 Ks during his professional baseball career.

The Kia Tigers have a 0.345 base percentage in addition to a 0.251 team batting average so far this season. They have been called up to strikes 127 times (sixth in the league) and have a total of 161 hits. Kia has 4 home runs so far this year and 77 points at stake. The Tigers have a slapping percentage of 0.324 and it's 4.39 points per fight (ninth in baseball). They collected 25 doubles, while hitting a free base 86 times and recording 79 runs.

Seon-bin Kim is a hitter who should impact this game for Kia. Kim drew a free base 406 times while he fanned himself in 384 appearances on set. His OBP is .375 and he has a lifetime OPS of .753. In his 3,613 career batting hits, Kim hit .303 and amassed 1,095 base hits. He has a total of 550 points and 398 points. He has gone deep 24 times, along with 1,364 total goals and a .378 batting percentage.

In his professional baseball career, Lim allowed 596 basic hits while he had 338 hits in 464 frames. He allowed 271 earned runs while earning a 1,574 WHIP and owning a 5.8 FIP. His K / His BB ratio is 2.50 and he has faced 2,092 batters in his career. Lim (29-33 in his career) averaged 5.25 earned runs and gave up 11.6 hits per 9 innings.


WINNER: Hanwha Eagles @ -125

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By Landon Smith, on 5:30a ET