Doosan Bears
Samsung Lions
Sat, May 29 - 4:00a ET   |   SPOTV   |   Daegu Samsung Lions Park
By Landon Smith

Doosan Bears vs Samsung Lions KBO Preview

Doosan Bears Will Try to Get a Win When Meet Samsung Lions from Daegu Samsung Lions Park - KBO Baseball League Match Preview and Prediction Game on Saturday, May 29, 2021.

Daegu Samsung Lions Park is where Chae-heung Choi and the Samsung Lions (25-19, second at KBO) face the Doosan Bears (22-20, fifth at KBO) on Saturday. The line for this game indicates that the Bears are at +112 and the Lions at -122. The plus / minus is set to 9.5. The expected starting pitchers will be Hui-gwan Yu and Chae-heung Choi.

Doosan hits .394 and has received 277 calls, while he has been kidnapped 189 times. They have had 213 RBIs plus 407 bases for the year, and their team's batting average is .279. The Bears won 55 doubles as a unit and removed 35 balls from the stadium. They earned 224 points with a team OBP of .366. As a team, the Doosan Bears scored 5.3 points per outing, placing them fourth in the league.

Kyeong-min Ho is a paste that can make a difference for Doosan. Ho has a .298 batting average in his baseball career, plus 557 runs and a .751 OPS. He hit 328 times and marched in 276 at-bats, contributing in part to an OBP of .361. For his career, Ho threw 36 baseballs over the fence and scored 425 points. He has a .390 career slug percentage and has 1,356 bases. In his career, he has batted 3,943 times and was on base with 1,038 hits.

The Doosan Bears have struck out 1,126 on the season, along with 408 assists and 32 errors. Their roster percentage is currently 0.980, which ranks them fifth on the KBO and totals 41 double games. The Bears have stolen 21 bases and been thrown 14 times, showing us that their steal rate caught is 40.0%.

Yu pitched 1,379 innings and amassed 764 strikeouts in his professional baseball career. Yu (99-65 win-loss in his career) owns a PIF of 4.87 when he faced 6,011 batters in baseball. His average points earned is 4.50 (690 ER allowed) and his WHIP is 1.449. He allowed 1,609 hits (10.5 hits in 9 innings) with 389 free passes.

The Lions have a 0.407 team slugging percentage and score 5.02 points per fight (6th in KBO). They scored 63 doubles, hit a free base 175 times and accumulated 221 points. Samsung hit 42 long balls during the season, in addition to 203 batting runs. They have been called up 274 times (10th in the league) and have a total of 396 base hits. The Samsung Lions posted a team OBP of 0.349 and a 0.269 batting average for the year.

Min-ho Kang is a hitter who can make a difference for Samsung. Kang has a free base 646 times and hits 1,318 times. His base percentage is 0.356 and he owns a run OPS of 0.821. In the 6,110 official hitters of his professional career, Kang hit .276 in addition to having 1,688 hits. He scored 784 points in addition to having 981 points. He had 277 home runs, as well as 2,841 total goals and a .465 shooting percentage.

So far in his career, Choi has conceded 306 basic hits while accumulating 250 hits in 296 innings. He allowed a total of 139 earned runs with a WHIP of 1,385 and a FIP of 4.9. He has a K / BB ratio of 2.40 and has faced 1,288 hitters in his professional baseball career.

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By Landon Smith, on 4:00a ET