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2021 KBO Baseball League Season Odds to Win, Preview and Prediction

Updated on March 5, 2021 - KBO Baseball League Outrights, Prediction and Tips

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This article was updated on March 5, 2021


Who will win the KBO 2021 tournament? The KBO League is very popular around the world among baseball fans, and the majority of those who rank this league in the three or five leagues in the world are behind only the MLB and the Japanese NPB.

Fans play a huge part of the game, their enjoyment of the match is second to none, they sing, dance and do their best to enjoy the game no matter the score.

The KBO League has games every day with the exception of Monday during the regular season, the ten teams play each of the other teams sixteen times, resulting in a total of one hundred and forty-four games played by each team.

At the end of the season, the team that finishes at the top of the league gets an automatic place in the final of the playoffs, the second-place team goes directly to the semifinals, the third-place team goes to the quarterfinals while than teams in fourth and fifth, compete in the first playoff game for a place in the quarterfinals, which means the better your regular season, the better reward you will get in the playoffs.

Unlike in MLB, ties are an acceptable result in KBO, if there is a tie in the playoffs, the game is replayed, this means that while the series are better 5 and 7, in reality there could be more games than those numbers. For playoff games, once the fifteenth innings have been completed and there is still no winner, the game will be declared tied, during the regular season there is a twelve-inning limit before being declared a tie.

KBO Wild Card Game - 4th vs. 5th (Best of 3 - 4th starts at 1-0 and wins on a tie)

KBO Quarterfinals - 3rd vs. Wild Card Winner (Best of 5)

KBO Semifinals - Winner 2nd vs Semifinal (Best of 5)

KBO Korean Series - Winner of 1st vs Semi-Final (Best of 7)



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